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Used by Israeli Defense Forces, Krav Maga is an extremely effective, hand-to-hand self-defense system. This world-renowned system is currently used by over 200 law enforcement agencies (in the US alone) and is practiced by untold numbers of everyday civilians looking to be safer and fitter.


Krav Maga uses realistic training scenarios with principles & techniques grounded in reality. By practicing aggressive self defense responses in a safe environment, students learn to deal with almost any violent or threatening situation through the use of hand-to-hand combatives, improvised weapons, and practicing how to escape danger. Your safety is the the ONLY rule. Whatever it takes to achieve that is what is required.


Krav Maga, and especially Fit to Fight®, is designed for all people regardless of skill or fitness level and we truly believe anyone can take something away from what we teach that will make them safer and better prepared to defend themselves should the need arise - and become more fit in the process.



Fit to Fight® is the innovative disrupter in the Krav Maga world. Fit to Fight® Krav Maga’s curriculum is progressive and dynamic, in the way Krav Maga was meant to be. We continue to test everything we do, in order to make sure what we offer is the best training available. If you are looking for a Krav Maga training program which will improve your self-defense & fighting skills, Fit to Fight® is the organization for you.


With Fit to Fight®, the desire is to stay true to the “short form” methodology: practical level of proficiency, in a shorter period of time, while truly developing self-defense and fighting skills. Therefore, our Krav Maga seminars are organized into “intensive” levels of instruction that utilize an organized curriculum rooted in practical techniques.


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